Musikgarten Teachers Info Page
A: Stock ordering dates
Next ordering dates for stock: Please note that all teachers have 30 days to pay their stock after receiving it. These are the last dates for ordering stock, so make sure that you order in time so that you receive your stock in time.
Term 3: Friday 1 July 2011
Term 4: Friday 23 September 2011
Term 1: For 2012: Friday 9 December 2011
No centre is allowed to sell their own trademark items. ONLY HEAD OFFICE, Kempton Park has all the rights. Thus meaning, T-shirts must be ordered from Musikgarten S.A.
Teacher kits and family packets are only for Musikgarten-qualified teachers, as well as parents' kids that are enrolled at a Musikgarten centre.
These prices are available from Head Office Kempton Park: Tel: 011 391 8221
There are more than 40 centres in South Africa: Contact Head Office for a centre close to you!