What makes a teacher

Thinking about becoming a Musikgarten teacher? Answer these three simple questions, and you'll know instantly if you're well suited to pursue a wonderful path toward a fulfilling career.

Are you musically inclined?

Even if you don't have a degree in music, you may be suited to become a Musikgarten teacher if you enjoy music, can sing tunefully and have a sense of rhythm. This is your starting point for learning the song repertoire found in the Musikgarten curricula. If your goal is to teach older children in courses such as Music Makers: At the Keyboard, you will also need keyboard experience.

Are you interested in young children?

Musikgarten's primary focus is to understand children. Yes, we teach music to them, but if we fail to make a connection with the children, the best lesson plan is wasted effort. If you are curious about children's development, behaviors, and individual creative spirits, then Musikgarten can show you how to make a valuable and lasting connection through music and movement.

Would you like to be your own boss?

If this last question — and the flexibility and freedom it represents — appeals to you, our business support team can help you achieve your own personal and professional goals. Musikgarten provides one-on-one help from live office staff, accessible teacher advisors, and experienced teacher trainers through every step of your career.

With Musikgarten, you can begin your own music teaching business in your town or area this year. The start-up costs are reasonable, and the training is outstanding. It all starts by contacting us.

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